February 6, 2014

Solid Hiring Demand for Engineering and Computer Science

88 engineering or engineering-related companies attended the Engineering and Computer Science annual Career Day, on March. The annual event is always the most productive hiring event of the entire year for the College.

The annual employer survey conducted in conjunction with Career Day 2014 shows demand for engineers and computer scientists is solid with companies reporting 1240 openings for technical majors. There is strong demand across all technical disciplines.

Companies are hiring internship, new grad, and experienced candidates with plans to attract engineering and computer science majors as early as possible to meet the increasing demand for new technology and infrastructure. This year’s survey revealed interesting data for what is fueling their hiring demand with the most commonly cited reason being new business, new contracts, and new projects.

2014 demand trends – mostly building momentum from last year’s survey:

68 companies cited new business, contracts, and projects (up from 50 last year);
51 companies indicated that they are expanding their areas of business (up from 33);
30 cited demand for new infrastructure (down from 32);
28 cited growing demand for technology (down from 28);
27 Upgrades/replacement of old technology (up from 23);
19 cited new government regulations (up from 17);
16 cited upcoming retirements (down from 16);
15 cited population growth (up from 10);
17 cited new government spending (up from 14);
9 cited expansion into international markets (down from 14).

The Career Day event will attract companies from across a variety of industries including: construction (20); government/public service (9); engineering consulting (9); engineering services (7); IT and software (8); manufacturing (5); construction management (5); utilities (4); insurance (3); energy (2); computer/electronics (4); defense (2); consulting (1); control systems (1);  medical/health services (1); media/entertainment (1); and retail (1).

Many of this year’s 88 companies will hire from more than one engineering discipline:
36 companies are hiring civil engineering candidates;
38 are hiring construction management candidates;
34 companies are hiring computer engineering candidates;
36 companies are seeking computer science candidates;
40 companies are hiring electrical and electronic engineering candidates;
37 companies have openings for mechanical engineers.

More good hiring news came from the National Association of Colleges and Employers in their recently released Winter 2014 Salary Report. NACE indicates that the economy is adding jobs for new college graduates across the board and that salaries rose 2.6% across all academic disciplines.

Engineering and Computer Science majors are at the top of the pay scale according to NACE (again!) with 2014 over 2013 all average salaries increasing:

Computer Science: +.5% to $64,700
Civil Engineering: +1.6% to $58,500
Electrical & Electronic Engineering: +1.1% to $63,000
Computer Engineering: +.7% to $70,900
Construction Management: +.5% to $56,900
Mechanical Engineering: +2.5% to $64,500

(CSUS grads typically run hirer than the national average reflecting Northern California’s much higher cost of living).

For more information contact Cici Mattiuzzi at (916) 278-7091 or visit http://career.ecs.csus.edu

Bachelors Degrees

75th PercentileAverage25th Percentile
CE $69,600 $58,500 $47,200
CM $66,900 $56,900 $45,200
CpE $81,600 $70,900 $54,400
CS $75,700 $64,700 $50,300
EEE $75,400 $63,000 $50,600
ME $76,200 $64,500 $51,000

Masters Degrees

75th PercentileAverage25th Percentile
CE * * *
CpE * * *
CS $84,000 $73,500 $57,400
EEE $78,900 $67,100 $52,500
ME $78,600 $68,100 $53,500
Jan 2014
* No offers were reported for statistical analysis