January 22, 2015

First Day on The Job

Your first day on the job is a very exciting day. It is a day that is important for your career future. Do it right and you are in. Do it wrong and you may find yourself back in the job market so fast that it gives you whiplash.

You did great so far. Your new employer needs help to deliver the products or services that are integral to the organization and you were the one selected for the job.

They hired you because they see potential and they think you are a good fit. They really don’t know you very well from the minimal contact they have had with you. They screened you as much as possible, but the unknown is how you will perform and how your personality will mesh with the other people in the organization.

Now you need to manage your image so that you stay on track with your new job and new employer. Until you prove your worth and demonstrate your winning personality you are being judged…. your work, your appearance, your attitude, behavior, and manners.

Here is how to survive the first day and thrive in your job:

Listen, observe, learn... ask questions, relax, breathe… A relaxed person is much easier to be around. You will not likely have to hit the ground running. So tread a little slower until you get the rhythm. Think of it as joining a jam session already in progress… You need to synchronize and harmonize.

Show up on time, have a good attitude, and do your best work.

Smile… Don’t make any enemies, be nice to everyone...

Don’t expect to know everything the first day… you will get there.

Make sure you understand your tasks and expectations. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification or help. Ask your manager what their priorities are.

Find the smartest people in the place and connect. Learn as much as you can from them.

Take advantage of every training opportunity available to you.

Don’t drink at lunch or at work events.

Don’t share personal stuff at work.

Don’t date coworkers...

Say please and thank you. Show appreciation to others for their work and help.

Breathe... You can do this… You have been preparing your whole life.