October 29, 2018

Finding Lists of the Best Employers! © Cici Mattiuzzi

This week I received email from a former student asking me how to find a list of the best companies to work for in Sacramento. His wife is looking for a new employer.

The question is a bit more complex than just finding a list of companies. The "best company" depend on a person’s preferences, skills, interests, and even stage of life.

It helps to know who you are and what you want in order to find what you are looking for. It also helps if people can find you… And if you look Faaaabulous!

First, Focus on what you need to thrive! – self-assessment
Second, Make yourself visible so employers are able to find you! – LinkedIn profile
Third, Create the best professional presentation! – resume, portfolio, interview skills
Fourth, Apply for jobs! – company sites, Indeed, Google Jobs, professional association sites

Focus –

Do a Self-Assessment and Company Research

What are You Looking for? Since everyone’s needs and expectations are different, I suggest doing a self-assessment of what is important to use to rank order companies. Define who you are and what you want so that when you find your perfect place you will know it. What knowledge and skills do you have that you want to use? What are your interests? What are your goals and values? Where do you want to live? What kind of work environment would be best for you? What salary are you looking for?

Build a List of Companies to Research The Business Journal is the very best source of business information and company lists across the US that I have ever found! Period. I have a subscription to the Sacramento Business Journal and to the San Francisco Business Times, a sister publication. For example - Just last week The Sacramento Business Journal published a list of the best companies to work for in Sacramento.

The Business Journal publishes in markets across the country and your subscription includes the most detailed lists of companies as well as industry supplements for the markets where they publish. The lists include company data for every industry from engineering firms and construction firms to hospitals, consulting firms, accounting firms, manufacturers, colleges and universities, private schools, software companies, high tech manufacturers, and everything in between. I cannot say it loudly enough… GET A SUBSCRIPTION TO THE BUSINESS JOURNAL. If you hurry and get a subscription now you will get the 2019 Book of Lists in December. (If you need the info earlier – you can use the 2018 digital list online).

The Business Journal subscription includes a weekly newspaper that covers local industries and companies and also includes about a dozen supplements each year with in depth coverage of important segments of the local economy. It costs about $75 for a subscription – you might have to talk to a human to get that price. It is totally worth it. For job seekers it is an essential tool. It is like buying new tires for your car. You need them so you can get to where you are going. The Business Journal is also essential for professionals who want to know what is going on in their local labor and business market and want to know all of their career options for now or for future reference. You should always know what your next move is even if you are happy where you are. You never know when the boss from hell will arrive and you need to move to a new quickly. The Business Journal keeps you informed on which industries (and companies) are growing and which are shrinking. It gives you names of the key players and what they are doing.

Once you have a narrowed and ranked list of companies in your sweet spot you can figure out your best approach and develop a job search strategy. Do you have connections you can use? Do they have jobs posted on their website? Can you find connections on LinkedIn?


For Visibility LinkedIn is the Best! If you have not already created a LinkedIn account, now is the time to get one going. LinkedIn helps you connect with people in your field. Start while you are in college and build a lifelong way of keeping track of your contacts. As people grow and move you will always know where they are as long as they update their profile. You will have access to their contacts and you can get a referral to a company through a friend! Companies can also find you based on your profile. If you are actively seeking opportunities - set your LinkedIn settings to show that you are available and looking for work now! If you are applying for a job use your connections to learn more about the company you are applying with.

Your Presentation

Resume: Use your resume as a guide for your LinkedIn profile and keep both updated. Create a resume that shows the best of what you have to offer. Your LinkedIn profile should match your resume very closely if not exactly. Cut and paste your resume in sections to create a profile on LinkedIn. If your field is in high demand and your resume is worded properly you should get quick action.

Best Sources for Jobs that are Posted

Google Jobs, LinkedIn, and Indeed are some of the best sources for job listings. Go to Indeed and set up a search feed for jobs in your field by job title. Then set up a search feed with a keyword. Be creative on keywords. Go to Google jobs and set up the same feed. These feeds alert you when a job is posted that fits you. Set parameters in your search feed like location and salary range.

Having said all that… I want to say it again… the best company depends on a person’s knowledge, interests, goals, values and lifestyle preferences. Focus on what you want; research the possibilities; create the best possible resume; create your LinkedIn profile; then Apply, Apply, Apply!

Do the work! You will be glad you did!