April 17, 2019

A Small Engineering Firm Might Just be a Great Move! © Cici Mattiuzzi

Thinking about making a job change? Maybe being a small fish in the big ocean is wearing on you… I recently spoke with - the principal of KASL Consulting - a small water resources engineering and surveying firm in Sacramento. The firm is currently looking for civil engineering talent. The continued positive growth in the economy and expanding population is creating tons of opportunity for engineering firms.

KASL Consulting Engineers is a small civil engineering firm in the Sacramento area with a great story. Since 1982, engineers at KASL have provided high services throughout the nation on a wide variety of public works, commercial, and residential projects. They specialize in Civil Engineering Services, Water Resources, Surveying and Computer Modeling. They need an Assistant or Associate Level Civil Engineer with a BS in Civil Engineering from an ABET accredited university; EIT or PE; and 3 to 5 years of experience in Civil Engineering such as water, wastewater systems design, subdivisions, roadway, grading and drainage projects.

Company principal, Jack Scroggs, PE, feels working directly with clients to see a complete project life cycle from planning, design, and permitting through to actual construction, is the best part of a small firm.

“The small team atmosphere means that engineers at KASL collaborate directly with clients on a wide range of engineering projects getting exposure to all different facets of engineering.”

Octavio Perez, PE, has worked in both small and large firms and described the difference of working in a small firm. His first experience, after completing his BS in civil engineering, was with an international firm of over 10,000 employees. It was a major life change when he joined KASL in Sacramento. What he likes best is the feel of a small firm. Octavio loves being part of a small group of engineers in a firm that notices and values the engineering contributions of every individual and that he has direct access to the boss who welcomes input and values the sharing of ideas - on everything from project design to upgrades on computer systems.

“A small firm values every member and lets you contribute in a big way.”

“It has a much different feel than working with a big firm - In a large firm you can get lost in the shuffle - being a number, doing your work - with lots of engineers doing the same thing. In a big firm you are just a cog in the machine.”

“In a big firm you do the same repetitive work every day. You might never get to interact with a client.”

“Most of the projects you work on in a small firm are different every time - there is a wide variety of work allowing you to work directly with clients to assess their needs, develop a design to meet those needs and then see the project through to completion ensuring delivery of high quality services that satisfies client needs.”

With competitive salaries and a flexible work schedule, KASL provides a much better work/life balance and time for professional growth. Octavio got his PE while working full time at KASL. Leading up to the exam he was able to leave work early to go to review classes and the company paid for the classes to enhance his chances of passing the PE. Team building activities with coworkers - rodeos, office gatherings, BBQs, and holiday parties – are a real plus.

Bill Ostroff, PE, joined KASL in 2002 just after finishing his BS in Civil Engineering at Cal Poly, SLO. During his education he interned with the CA Department of Water Resources so he had an opportunity to work in state government before deciding to join a small consulting engineering firm. He loves that he is able to work on a wide variety of engineering projects that can be different from day to day.

“One day you might work on a water modeling project; the next day you might work on a drainage study measuring rainfall to determine what impact a storm would have and the flow of the rain water’s impact; then the next day you might work on a drinking water study to figure out design demands and determining capacity of an existing system and projecting the needs of a new system 20 years out.”

He particularly likes that he works a 40 hour week and is paid for overtime!

If you would like the opportunity to work directly with clients to consult on ongoing design projects; work a flexible 40 hours per week; work on a diversity of engineering design projects, modeling projects, and studies, by all means apply! You would need to be self-motivated with excellent organization and time management skills and have excellent verbal and written communication skills. Experience with AutoCAD, Civil 3D or MicroStation, Inroads, design software and water, sewer, storm water and earthwork computer modeling tools is desirable. Experience with construction inspection or construction support services would be a plus.

KASL provides a wide range of project planning, design and construction management experiences; competitive salaries; health and dental insurance; 401K participation; and career growth in a collaborative work environment. Contact - Joan Kirby, Office Manager, KASL Consulting Engineers - jkirby@kasl.com | (916) 722-1800