May 3, 2019

USPTO is the Best Place to Work for Engineers!!! © Cici Mattiuzzi

Do you have the skill to recognize ingenuity? Clear your calendar!!! The US Patent & Trade office is looking for you! They are hiring electrical, mechanical, computer engineers for Patent Examiner positions in San Jose, CA.
They are hosting a Patent Examiner Recruitment Open House on Friday, May 10th: 9am to 4:30pm and Saturday, May 11th - 9am to 2:30pm at their Silicon Valley Regional Office - 26 South Fourth Street in San Jose (California Conference Room). This is huge!!! 

This organization is one of the most civilized places to work for engineers. The work environment, benefits and pay are some of the best in the Federal Government. They have excellent work/life balance. And you will get to see technology and be involved decisions on patent issues for the most cutting edge ideas in the entire world.

USPTO Examiners have granted patents for game-changing innovations like the iPhone, the electric guitar and the Super Soaker! Learn what Patent Examiners do and how this job makes a global impact. They are seeking engineers and scientists to work with entrepreneurs to process patent applications to help companies deliver innovative products more quickly.

Patent Examiners determine if patents can be granted. They ensure that inventions are new and unique. They review patent applications to ensure the documents meet formal requirements. Engineers analyze advanced, complex concepts that bring American product breakthroughs to market and protect American innovations that change the world. 

The USPTO has been responsible for granting US intellectual property rights for patents and trademarks for over 200 years! The work of the USPTO's is now more important than ever in contributing to a strong global economy while providing inventors exclusive rights over their discoveries.

To qualify you need a Bachelor's in EEE, CompE, or ME from an accredited university.

Why work for the USPTO? In addition to the really interesting work you will do the benefits are great! Flexible work schedules including telework (after 2 years of training you can work in your home office from anywhere in the continental US); Paid leave: starting with 13 days of vacation; and 13 days of sick leave per year; Paid overtime and/or compensatory time; 10 paid holidays each year; Incentive awards program; Health benefits plan and retirement package; Business casual dress policy; Transit subsidy; Job security; and Competitive salary!

If all of this sounds interesting to you - show up early on the 10th or 11th and meet USPTO recruiters. You will be glad you did! These are some of the nicest, most amazing and dedicated people on the planet! They drive the American economy "to infinity and beyond"!!!